Birds on a lonely tree – an NFT


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Birds on a lonely tree


“Birds on a Lonely Tree” captures a poignant and evocative scene where nature’s beauty and solitude intertwine. The image presents a solitary tree against a backdrop of a deep, fiery red sky.
Perched upon the bare branches of this isolated tree are a group of birds, silhouetted against the vibrant hue of the sky. The contrast between the stark, dark forms of the birds and the intense red of the horizon is visually striking, conveying a sense of drama and emotion.
The image may evoke a feeling of isolation and resilience, as the tree stands alone, yet life persists in the form of the birds. It’s a portrayal of the resilience and adaptability of nature, where even in the most desolate settings, life can find a way to flourish.
“Birds on a Lonely Tree” invites contemplation, encouraging viewers to reflect on the balance between solitude and companionship, the resilience of nature, and the vivid, emotional impact of color in art.
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A digital image, printed, duly framed can well be a gift for a kin or friend.
No frame is accompanying the product.
Aspect Ratio: A3, A4
Cost to deliver (to the UK & EU-countries): £3.50 or € 4.00
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