Digital Time Capsules3 – an NFT


The photo shown here is just a sample of how the family or friend memorial photos will look, which will be made unique and timeless by the QR code on it. The QR code can be read with a smartphone, it contains the time the photo was taken, the name of the image or scene, as well as where it can be found in the IPFS storage (Interplanetary File System).

Digital Time Capsules3 


A family or friend event captured in an image can become an eternal memory with an NFT attached to it. The NFT ensures the event’s authenticity, provenance, and uniqueness. It creates a digital time capsule, preserving the significance of that moment for generations to come. This NFT-protected image becomes an enduring token of cherished memories, accessible and verifiable by loved ones throughout the ages.


The NFT-attached image is going to appear on a high quality 200 g. A4 paper sheet in fine resolution.
The free NFT is to be transferred to your crypto wallet, consequently when ordering, please provide your crypto wallet address too.
If  you still do not have it, your NFT will be reserved for you and can well be found on the (Polygon) Blockchain


A digital image, printed, duly framed can well be a gift for a kin or friend.
No frame is accompanying the product.
Aspect Ratio: A3, A4
Cost to deliver (to the UK & EU-countries): £3.50 or € 4.00
Please contact the seller if you have problems with your order!
Printing size



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