Tawny owl – an NFT


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Tawny owl 


In the depths of the dark night, the towny owl (Strix aluco), a mystical inhabitant of the forest, takes flight, casting an aura of enchantment. Well-known photographers have dedicated their craft to capturing this mesmerizing sight. As the towny owl soars through the inky blackness, its wings cut through the silence of the forest, leaving an indelible mark on the photographer’s lens.
These dedicated photographers work tirelessly to seize the essence of this extraordinary nocturnal creature.
They skillfully reveal the owl’s majestic silhouette, the gleam of its moonlit eyes, and the grace with which it navigates the enigmatic realm of the woods.
Through their lens, these photographers produce prints that are not just images but portals into the heart of the forest’s mysteries. The print showcases the towny owl in all its splendor, conveying the transcendental connection between nature and art that unfolds under the cover of the dark night. The towny owl becomes a symbol of the beauty and wonder that resides in the depths of the forest, a true embodiment of the magic of the natural world.


A digital image, printed, duly framed can well be a gift for a kin or friend.
No frame is accompanying the product.
Aspect Ratio: A3, A4
Cost to deliver (to the UK & EU-countries): £3.50 or € 4.00
Please contact the seller if you have problems with your order!



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